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Esound takeaway
eSound Takeaway
eSound Takeaway
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Spicy Sparks’s app, eSound, is available in the Apple store and Google Play store with a rating of over 4.5/5. eSound allows users to stream music for free and offers a paid version that provides subscribers with ad-free listening.

Spicy Sparks needed to understand which marketing channels and campaign strategies were bringing in first-time subscribers to maximize their growth efforts for the highest return on ad spend (ROAS).

Spicy Sparks integrated the Kochava SDK into eSound and was quickly able to measure full funnel engagement to see who installed their app, registered for a trial, and ultimately subscribed. Combined with omni-channel campaign tracking and attribution, Spicy Sparks was able to discern which marketing efforts and strategies were most successful in growing their subscriber footprint.

eSound app with music categories

Spicy Sparks was able to direct ad spend toward their most successful acquisition channels, partners, keywords, and creatives. By finely tuning their overall user acquisition efforts, they achieved higher paywall conversions, converting more free listeners to paying subscribers. 

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