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Kochava Summit 2024: Mastering Your Mix

Get ready for one of the Ad-Tech industry’s must-attend events, Kochava Summit 2024! Feb 13-15, 2024. The event is invite-only and tickets are $3500. Early-bird discount: tickets are $2500 if purchased by Nov. 30, 2023. Spots are extremely limited and will fill up fast, so don’t delay!

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Feb 13-15, 2024. The event is invite-only and tickets are $3500

Join the AdTech industry’s top talent as we peer into some of the most pressing issues for advertisers and publishers today. We’ll address fragmented frameworks, emerging technologies, and how real-world events impact behaviors and results. Take home insights you can apply now on your quest toward mastering your mix! Space is extremely limited and will fill quickly.

Check Out the Kochava Summit 2023 Trends Report.

Take a Look Back at the 2023 Summit Agenda

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Monday, February 13th

10:00AM-2:00PM  |  Complimentary ground transportation from Spokane Airport

5:15PM  |  Buses depart hotels

5:30-8:30PM  |  Welcome Party at Matchwood Brewing Company

Tuesday, February 14th – Morning

7:45AM  |  Buses depart hotels

We encourage all hotel guests to utilize the bus transportation due to parking constraints

8:00-9:00AM  |  Breakfast

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9:05-9:40AM  |  Digital Ads: A Reckoning in ’23?

Get Richard’s perspective on what occurred in digital ads in 2022 and impacts to 2023. Will there be a reckoning this year? Are CTV and Retail media shifts in spend or new categories? Learn about these topics – plus many more!

Richard Kramer, Managing Director, Arete Research
Richard Kramer
Managing Director & Founder, Arete Research

10:15-10:45AM  |  Innovation for the Attribution Revolution

Kochava CEO Charles Manning explores what’s in store for the future of advertising measurement in a privacy-first, post-MAID world.

Charles Manning, CEO, Kochava
Charles Manning
CEO, Kochava

10:45-11:15AM  |  MMM & The Quest for Incrementality

Media Mix Modeling can be a messy endeavor. How can marketers find insights they can trust on their quest for true incrementality?

Gary Danks
Founder, Machine

11:15AM-12:00PM  |  Unpacking Ad Tech Trends & Platform Evolution

Ad tech has experienced a wave of seismic pressures across the last 24 months, with even more on the horizon. What are marketers doing about it, and what has Kochava observed from its unique vantage point?

Grant Simmons, Head of Client Analytics, Kochava
Grant Simmons
VP of Foundry, Kochava

Tuesday, February 14th – Afternoon

LUNCH 12:00-1:15PM

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1:15-1:45PM  |  Finding Success in the New State of ASA

Apple Search Ads now accounts for the lion’s share of all attributed installs on iOS. With new ad placements, more competition, and rising bidding costs, unlock the secrets to make your spend count on ASA.

Hamilton Radcliffe
Head of Product, Kochava

1:45-2:15PM  |  The Incrementality of Outdoor Advertising

Exploring the role OOH and DOOH advertising play in 2023 as marketers shift budgets and face economic headwinds.

Trevor Hamilton
Trevor Hamilton
Managing Director – Americas, Kochava
Jeremy Flynn profile picture

Jeremy Flynn

Senior VP, Clear Channel Outdoor

2:15-2:45PM  |  First-Party Data & Identity

As third-party data becomes more restrictive, marketers have intensified their focus on optimizing first-party data. Learn how marketers are shifting strategies in the changing landscape.

Ronan HeadShot
Ronan Shields
Writer, DigiDay

Mike Brooks

COO, Verve Group

Michael Reese

Mobile Marketing Manager, The VF Corp

Kemal Bokhari

Head of Data, Measurement & Analytics, DISH Media
brian cox

Brian Cox

General Manager, Kochava

3:00-3:30PM  |  App Distribution Platforms and the Future of App Stores

Finding the balance between flexibility and security. What’s the future of alternative, 3rd party app stores across devices and platforms?

Caitlin Quill
Client Partnerships Manager, Kochava

Mark Franklin

Director of Digital Marketing, IDT

Taylor Morris

Senior Director of Technical Operations, Digital Turbine
sara conger

Sara Conger

Associate Director, Mobile, 3Q/DEPT

3:30-4:15PM  |  Ask Me Anything (AMA)

You’ve got questions! This panel has answers. Anything goes… well almost anything.

Scott Bauer
VP of Client Partnerships, Kochava

Edward Dingels

CTO, GroundTruth

Rob Sullivan

Sr Program Manager Attribution & Measurement, Yelp

Amanda Gillie

Head of Partner Marketing, TV & OTT, Sling TV

Justin Sampson

Founder, Grow.js

4:15-4:30PM   |   Buses depart Sandpoint Event Center

102 S Euclid Avenue, Sandpoint

5:15 PM   |   Buses depart hotels

5:30-9:00PM   |   Taste & Sip Sandpoint

Sponsored by:

9:00PM-12:00AM   |   After Party

Sponsored by:

10:00PM-12:00AM   |   Buses depart Kochava parking lot for hotels

*this will be managed by one bus & on first come, first serve basis – please expect wait

Wednesday, February 15th – Morning

7:45 AM   |   Buses depart hotels

We encourage all hotel guests to utilize the bus transportation due to parking constraints

8:00-9:00AM   |   BREAKFAST

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9:00-9:45AM  |  Defining the New Normal

Nearly three years after the arrival of COVID-19 in the United States, the economy remains in a state of flux, with mixed messages coming from labor and financial markets. This presentation will parse the economic uncertainty and evaluate to what extent the economy is returning to normal after the pandemic, and in what ways the definition of normal is permanently shifting due to structural changes to the economy. In particular, demographics, labor markets, inflation, and globalization will be evaluated.

Samuel Wolkenhaur
Regional Labor Economist, State of Idaho

9:45-10:30AM  |  Kochava Roadmap Sneak Peek

Join our CTO & Head of Product as they unpack Kochava’s vision and roadmap for 2023 and beyond.

Ethan Lewis
Ethan Lewis
CTO, Kochava
Hamilton Radcliffe
Head of Product, Kochava

10:30-10:45AM  |  The Fragmentation of App Ads Measurement

Self-attributing networks (SANs) and mobile measurement partners (MMPs) are undergoing a paradigm shift in how they work together to fulfill the needs of mutual demand-side advertisers. What does the future hold?

ab d afb a dcbdca
Mark Kellogg
Sr. Product Manager, Kochava

Sheila Bhardwaj

Group Manager, Measurement R&D, Snap Inc.

10:45-11:30AM  |  Where is OTT & CTV Headed?

With major streaming publishers introducing ad-supported tiers, and CTV platforms investing and expanding their endemic offerings, OTT & CTV supply is expected to increase dramatically. What’s the future of advertising on this channel and how should advertisers capitalize on this moment?

Jason Howell
VP Sales for Media & Entertainment, Kochava

Mike Hood

VP Digital, NBCU

Aubriana Lopez

Global Product Marketing, Samsung Ads

Ajay Johnson

VP, Enterprise Sales & Strategy, MNTN

Jake Richardson

Business Development & Media Partnerships, Moloco

11:30AM-12:00PM  |  SKAdNetwork, Sandbox, and PETs

Kochava CTO Ethan Lewis explores SKAdNetwork 4.0, Google’s Privacy Sandbox for Android, and where we’re headed with Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs).

Ethan Lewis
Ethan Lewis
CTO, Kochava

Wednesday, February 15th – Afternoon

12:00-1:00PM   |   LUNCH

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1:00-1:45PM  |  Measuring Outcomes & Proving Incremental Value as Publishers

In the current state of economic downturn, brands are striving to connect every ad dollar to business outcomes. How are publishers and platforms showing up?

Trevor Hamilton
Trevor Hamilton
Managing Director – Americas, Kochava

Curtis Evans

Head of Account Management, DanAds

Adam Fishman

VP Sales, Head of Media & Entertainment, LG Ads

Matt Lee

VP Digital, NBCU
James Benoit, Manager of Technical Partnerships at Kochava

James Benoit

Sr Director of Sales Engineering, Kochava

1:45-2:15PM  |  Driving Marketing Growth During Economic Downturn

How should marketers approach growth in the face of current economic headwinds and calls to trim their ad budgets? Join the discussion with Kochava and Western Union.

kate darren
Katie Darren
Client Analytics Manager, Kochava

Emily Lewis

Digital Marketing Manager, Western Union

Brook Wilson

Sr. Client Success Manager, Kochava

2:15-3:00PM  |  The Great Attribution Reset – How to Turn the Chaos in Measurement into a Competitive Advantage

Attribution has dramatically and permanently changed, and there are still more changes on the horizon. The savviest marketers have the opportunity to develop their own approach to attribution, determine what distinguishes their customers from their competitors, and turn that differentiation into a media buying advantage.

grant s
Grant Simmons
VP of Foundry, Kochava

Dave Simon

General Manager, Moloco

3:00-3:45PM  |  A Final Discussion with Industry Leaders

An engaging conclusion featuring thought leaders from across the industry.

Charles Manning, CEO, Kochava
Charles Manning
CEO, Kochava

Jordan Staab

CRO, Peak Ventures

Mark Zgutowicz

Managing Director, Benchmark Co

James Kreckler

SVP Digital Media Sales, NBCU

Mike Brooks

COO, Verve Group

4:00-4:15PM   |   Buses depart Sandpoint Event Center

102 S Euclid Avenue, Sandpoint

5:00PM   |    Buses depart hotels

5:30-8:30PM   |   VIP dinner

Sponsored by:

10:00PM-12:00AM   |   Kochava presents The Rub – Live at the Hive

4:00-4:15PM   |   Buses depart Kochava parking lot for hotels

*this will be managed by one bus & on first come, first serve basis – please expect wait

Thursday, February 16th

9:00AM   |   Buses depart hotels

9:30AM   |   SMR bus departs the Red Barn (base of Schweitzer)

10:00AM-11:30AM   |   Brunch on the Mountain

Sponsored by:

11:00AM-3:00PM   |   Snow fun on Schweitzer

3:00-4:30PM   |   Apres Ski Party

5:00 PM   |   SMR bus departs the village for the Red Barn

5:30PM   |   Buses depart the Red Barn

Get a Taste of Kochava Summit from Previous Years!

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One of the best times in the year to meet people and learn some great stuff!

Oliver Birch | Director of Marketing, Hothead Games


The content was fantastic, and all the fun activities around the conferences were great and perfectly organized.

Etienne Lamandé | Head of Mobile Acquisition, Betclic Group


The event was awesome. I look forward to attending next year and getting more involved with your team on events.

Alex Merutka | CEO & Founder, Craftsman+

“I get more value from 3 days in Sandpoint with a select crew of mobile marketers than I do from any other mobile conference. The people, content, hospitality, and location make the Kochava Summit a unique event that I will keep coming back to. Look forward to the next one.”

Adam Woods | Account Executive – Ad Sales, Amazon

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